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Adicio, Inc

<h3><a name="leadership">a>LEADERSHIPh3>
Led  by CEO and president Rick Miller, "The Architect" of the online recruiting  business according to <em><a href="" rel="external">The Electronic  Recruiting Newsa>em>, Adicio has been leading and shaping the online  classified marketspace since 1997.  Adicio began by developing and maintaining innovative, high-performance <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/employment-software.html">careera> platforms  for the nation's leading media sites, including <em>The Wall Street Journalem> and the<em> New York Times. em>20 million visitors  and 250+ media partners later, Adicio now also serves the <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/real-estate-listing-software.html">real estatea> and <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/auto-classifieds-software.html">motorsa> markets, leveraging the same scalable, secure, and feature-rich applications  that have made Adicio one of the world's sought-after private-label ASPs today.
<h3><a name="innovation">a>INNOVATIONh3>Adicio is comprised of thought leaders &ndash; a team of seasoned domain experts, customer  service professionals, and dedicated technical support staff. Backed by this team of specialists, Adicio  has built and made available more tools for media companies, advertisers, and  consumers <em>than any other online  classified providerem>. In fact, Adicio pioneered "wrapping" technology (the  process of replicating ads from other sites), which has progressively  evolved and today integrates with our entire platform and e-commerce tools. Our extensive experience, coupled with our alliance with <em><a href="" rel="external">Dow Jones  and Company, Inc.a>em> and <em><a href="" rel="external">The Wall  Street Journala>em>,  provides  Adicio with the necessary technological as well as financial resources to  continually enhance our service offerings and expand into other markets.<h3><a name="reliability">a>RELIABILITYh3>According  to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), over a third of all employment,  real estate, and automotive seekers use the Internet to locate listings,  representing a 54% growth in advertising revenue in a $20 billion market. In order to compete effectively, you need an  experienced partner who you can rely on to complement your print advertising with  interactive, online solutions. From our early beginnings serving the <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/employment-software.html">careersa> market  in 1997, to our extension to the <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/real-estate-listing-software.html">real estatea> market in 2004 and <a href="../Classified-Ads-Software/auto-classifieds-software.html">motorsa> market in  2005, Adicio has established itself as a comprehensive, trusted provider of  reliable, best-in-class solutions for all organizations large and small, and is  uniquely positioned to drive revenues straight to your bottom line.<h3><a name="connecting">a>CONNECTING THE LARGEST BUYING &amp; SELLING COMMUNITIESh3>
We  realize that you have a choice of online market platform providers to choose  from. However, Adicio has been dedicated  to helping media companies successfully build and manage buying and selling  communities for nearly a decade through our leading-edge technologies. For  example, the <a href="../Careercast/#national">Adicio National Networka> and the <a href="../Careercast/#cross-posting">Adicio Cross-posting Networka> connects employers to candidates all over the nation, and to targeted  candidates that they select. So whether you are trying to bridge the  gap between employers and candidates, realtors and homebuyers, or dealers and  car shoppers (or all three), Adicio provides the private-label solution you are  looking for.
<h3><a name="revenue">a>HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS REALIZE THEIR FULL POTENTIALh3> At Adicio, not only do we provide you with the right tools to successfully <em>power your online marketem> with dynamic classified advertising, we give you the ability to <em>empower your businessem> with maximized site traffic, optimum revenues, and increased customer satisfaction with our intelligent, managed software solutions. Our team of specialists is available to help you integrate your print and online ads, allowing you to recognize a new revenue stream and accelerate your ROI.<p>Adicio is also distinguished by the sheer volume of our clients' site traffic:p>
<ul>  <li>20.8+ million unique visitors per monthli>  
<li>182+ million page viewsli>
<li>363,000 real estate listings postedli>
<li>120,000 car listings posted. li>
<li>3.8+ million employment listings postedli>
<li>2+ million resumes posted li>
<li>1.26+ million jobs applied for last monthli>
<p><strong>For more information on Adicio's enterprise-class solutions, please contact us at <span class="nowrap">760.602.9502 or 800.276.1332span>, or simply complete our <a href="../Contact-Adicio">Feedback Forma> and a representative will contact you shortly.strong>p>
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